Our Residents

Picture of Tracey Toh

Tracey Toh

Tracey is an independent writer and researcher with interests in film, literature and performance. Discovering feminist theory led her to broader questions of social justice which continue to animate her work. Throughout her residency, she will explore the construction of the male/female gaze, contemporary beauty and the coding of femininity.

Picture of Xiaoyun Neo

Xiaoyun Neo

Xiaoyun Neo is an environmental advocate and a policy officer with the Singapore civil service. She contributes to regenerative farming and community placemaking efforts at Ground-Up Initiative and is also an avid biodiversity educator with The Untamed Paths. 

She authored the title chapter in the anthology Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene: Environmental Perspectives on Life in Singapore (2020), and her research Nature Disappeared: anti-environmental values in Singapore’s history textbooks (2021) was published in Environmental Education Research.

Through her residency, she will share her perspectives and experiences to encourage attention to biodiversity’s persistence and abundance in Singapore. She hopes this would enrich someone on their own personal journey towards conservation, climate action and connectedness with the nonhuman world.

Picture of Syazwan


Syazwan is currently a full-time undergraduate student at SUSS, pursuing a Bachelor in Social Work and Minor in Sociology, and also a descendant of the Ubin Orang Pulau. He actively advocates for the conservation and celebration of his ancestral island’s community, culture, and heritage on his social media platform, Wan’s Ubin Journal, through captivating stories and intimate personal anecdotes.

Throughout his residency, Syazwan seeks to explore more of his Orang Pulau identity and wishes to share and document his experiences with everyone so that Singaporeans could be reminded that we are more than just an island nation, but a nation of islands.