The Beauty Myth

November 9, 2023
Two generations try to figure out the role of heritage in their lives.

We’ve hit peak beauty, and beauty still seems out of reach.

If you’ve ever found yourself spending a little too much at Sephora, you’re not alone. 

Beauty consumption has risen steadily over the last decade, and the market for beauty and personal care products is now worth over $500 billion. 

Propping up this massive industry is the beauty myth—the belief that beauty standards are achievable by the ordinary woman. First sold to us by women’s magazines and advertisements, the beauty myth is constantly evolving. With consumers demanding more inclusive and authentic messaging, brands and influencers are keeping up—and keeping us hooked on the products. 

In this video, we unpack the beauty myth. Learn more about how it came to have such a strong hold on us, and why we still can’t seem to shake it off.