As women, most of us feel like we fall short of the beauty ideal.
That's no surprise, given the intense pressure we feel to look attractive.
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Women face pressure to look good...
from men.

of men in Singapore rank “good looks” in their top three priorities when searching for a partner, compared to just 30% of women.

Source: YouGov

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Women face pressure to look good...
in the workplace.

more salary that attractive or well- groomed women earn, compared to women of average attractiveness.

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Women face pressure to look good...
on social media.
600 million and counting

the number of views that #glassskin content attracts on TikTok.

What does that mean for most of us women?
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Most women...
were body-shamed
as girls.

of women polled heard their first body critique before they turned 14.

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Most women...
compare themselves
to others.

of women in a survey say they compare themselves to others on social media, either occasionally or constantly.

Source: SELF

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Most women...
feel bad about themselves because of ads.

of young women say beauty product ads make them feel they have physical flaws that need fixing, either sometimes or frequently.

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Most women...
edit their photos
to look prettier.

of young women use filters or edit their photos to even out skin tone, reshape jaw or nose, shave off weight, brighten or bronze skin, and whiten teeth.

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Most women...
are not fully happy
with their bodies.

of women surveyed can readily name a body part they are unhappy with.

The numbers don't lie: the majority of women feel insecure about our looks.
But how much is the average woman willing to do in pursuit of beauty?
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The average woman...
wears layers
of product.

the average number of skincare and cosmetic products a woman will use before leaving the house each day.

Source: Wonder

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The average woman...
puts in time
to look good.
55 minutes
a day/
2 weeks
a year

how long the average woman will spend working on her appearance.

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The average woman...
spends a lot on
body hair removal.
and 2
months of
her life

what the average woman spends on hair removal throughout her lifetime.

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The average woman...
spends a lot on
beauty in general.

what the average woman will spend on beauty and cosmetic products throughout her lifetime.

Source: Allure

Just how much will it take to chase the beauty ideal?
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